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At VOXAN, we understand the business importance of brand design. Having worked with global clients, our team is well versed with the aesthetic and functional aspects of brand identity design, giving our clients’ world-class solutions. As a leading brand design agency, we help brands tell their stories to the world in a personalized and engaging way. The result: engaged client relationships.

Stand out from the crowd

In a world full of lookalike products and services, we create and communicate a unique brand identity that tells the world how our client is different.


Logo Design

The logo is one of the first things consumers notice. We give logos a distinctive personality, in terms of both aesthetics and brand messaging.


Corporate identity

Digital Art,Graphic Design,Illustrations,Photography

We help brands understand the complex interplay between various aspects of corporate identity and choose the best fit for their needs.


Brand tagline and personality

Digital Art,Graphic Design,Photography

We help brands answer a key question: ‘Why us?’. A tagline summarizes very briefly the USP of the brand. It evokes emotion and communicates value.


Brand and product naming

Graphic Design,Illustrations,Photography

The right brand or product name attracts the most ideal customers in a subtle and instinctive manner. We play a key role in shaping brand perceptions.


Brand packaging

Graphic Design,Illustrations,Photography

Branding must be fluid enough to meet the unique requirements of different marketing channels. We bring a sharp customer focus to a brand’s positioning.


Typography and Design

Digital Art,Graphic Design,Illustrations

We leverage professional typography that works harmoniously with the overall design to make it suitable for today’s dynamic digital media environment.


Meet Our Team

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Louisa Kelly

Marketing Director

Alvin Maxwell

Technical Manager

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